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Tierra del Fuego, Wildlife and Landscapes © Fantástico Sur EditorialTierra del Fuego - Wildlife and Landscapes

Enrique Couve & Claudio F. Vidal (2007) Fantástico Sur Editorial, Chile. 100 pages. Hardback. Bilingual (English | Spanish) edition. ISBN 978-956-8007-21-8

A line of bonfires along the coast could well have been the vision that Ferdinand Magellan had during those spring nights of 1520. He could not have been chosen a better name for such a hostile island territory than Land of the Fires. With this expedition began the geographic knowledge and the human and natural history of the end of the American continent.

Tierra del Fuego is a huge territory encompassing the archipelagos located south of the Straits of Magellan, which terminate at Cape Horn. This remote and diverse region holds countless natural treasures, which are protected by the harshness of the weather or simply by the inaccessibility of the territory. Many of the mountains and glaciers are still nameless, and most of its forests and islands are not even visited by humans. However, this natural stronghold opens up to us its labyriths and slowly unveils its natural secrets for our joy.

Let us explore Tierra del Fuego or Karukinká, just as Charles Darwin did almost two centuries ago with a open mind and with eyes of discover.

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