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Patagonia Tours & Travel - Our selection of nature and birding tours, photo safaris and hiking journeys in Patagonia (Chile & Argentina) -


Our selection of nature and hiking tours, photo safaris and birding journeys in Patagonia (Chile & Argentina):  

  1. Patagonia Photography Adventure [PAT01, 8 days]

  2. Patagonia Explorer [PAT02, 9 days] 

  3. Birding Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego [PAT03, 7 days] 

  4. Patagonia Botanical Tour [PAT04, 8 days] 
  5. 'Perito Moreno' Glacier & 'El Chalten' [PAT05, 5 days] 
  6. Patagonia Wildlife Adventures [PAT06, 8 days] 


Welcome to Patagonia's premier wildlife and hiking/trekking destination, Torres del Paine National Park:

  1. Torres del Paine Explorer [TDP01, 2-5 days]

  2. Torres del Paine Hiker [TDP02, 6-7 days] 

  3. Pumas of Torres del Paine [TDP03, 6 days]

  4. Torres del Paine Multi-Activity Adventure [TDP05, 5 days]

  5. Introduction to Walking & Trekking in Torres del Paine


Discover our nature adventures in Tierra del Fuego, the 'Land of Fire' (Chile & Argentina):

  1. Tierra del Fuego Photo Expedition [TDF04]

  2. King Penguins of Tierra del Fuego [TDF01, 2 days] 

  3. Expedition Cruise to Cape Horn [TDF02, 4-5 days]

  4. Humpbacks of the Straits of Magellan [TDF03, 4 days]


Do you have limited time in Punta Arenas (Chile) or Ushuaia (Argentina)? Are you cruising the 'Chilean Fjords' and Tierra del Fuego? We have these options for you:

  1. Penguins and Condors [PUQ01]

  2. Darwin and Chatwin in Patagonia [PUQ02]

  3. Birding the Magellan Straits [PUQ03]



  1. Birding Chile [CHL01, 14 days]

  2. Birds and Wines: Chile & Argentina Tour [CHL07, 13 days]


  1. Birding Northern Chile [CHL02, 5-6 days] 

  2. Atacama Desert Explorer [CHL03, 6 days] 


  1. Birding Central Chile [CHL04, 4 days]


  1. Araucaria Forests [CHL05, 5 days]

  2. Lake District & Chiloé Island [CHL06, 5 days] 


From Santiago, Chile (SCL)

  1. Birding Chile's Central Andes [SCL01] 
  2. Penguins and Chile's Endemics [SCL02]
  3. Lowland Marshlands & the Pacific coast [SCL03] 

From Valparaiso, Chile

  1. Pelagic Trips [CHL07]

From Puerto Montt, Chile (PMC)

  1. Birding Chile's Lake District [PMC01]
  2. Birding Chiloe Island [PMC02]




  1. Easter Island (Rapa Nui) [ISL01, 3 to 5 days]


  1. The Falkland Islands [ISL02, 8 days]
  2. Safari Fotográfico a las Malvinas - salida especial (14-21 Septiembre 2013)


  1. Robinson Crusoe Island [ISL03, 4-5 days]


  1. Grand Antarctica [ISL04, 7 days]
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