Ana Maria Venegas, Far South Expeditions Tour Leaders & GuidesAna Maria Venegas

Ana María is a forestry engineer (University of Chile) and obtained her M.S. in Wildlife Ecology (University of Wisconsin-Madison). She has been working with birds since 2001. She has been involved in several conservation projects, including a study of the population dynamics of the critically endangered Chilean Woodstar in Northern Chile.  Ana María helped to establish the banding system in Chile and she has been a certified NABC bander since 2011, when she spent several months training at Long Point Bird Observatory (Ontario, Canada). For her graduate research, she studied the effects of extreme weather events on bird productivity in the northeastern United States. Currently, she lives in Santiago where she works as an independent consultant and researcher. Ana María is a member of the Directorate of the Chilean Ornithologists Union. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, biking, camping and hiking. She also likes knitting, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.