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2009.03.02 21:35:26
Huemul or Andean Deer, Torres del Paine, Chile
The Huemul or Andean Deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus), the world's southernmost deer, is only found in the forested hillsides and glacier surroundings of the southern cone of South America, and ranges exclusively in the PatagonianAndes of Chile and Argentina. There are probably less than 1,000 individuals of this deer species in the wild and is currently considered as one of the most endangered mammal species of the whole region. This is a rather small deer with a shoulder height of up to 35 in. (90 cm) and a weight between 100-145 lb. (45-65 kg). Its distribution in Chile is quite disjunct with a few still subsisting in the Andes of Chillan; it is more abundant in Aysen region (northern Chilean Patagonia), the Patagonian Channels and in the huge Bernardo O'Higgins National Park, in Magallanes. In Chile's Torres del Paine National Park, this deer was sucessfully re-introduced after its local extinction and now small numbers can reliably be seen in the western sector of the park, especially around Lago Grey ranger station and surrounding areas. This family group, constituted by the male (stug), female and its calf was seen on the afternoon of February 24 2009 along the hillsides along the Pingo river. A group of nature-enthusiasts of International Expeditions and a Chilean family were delighted with the encounter with a rarely seen mammal. © Photos by Claudio F. Vidal, Fantastico Sur Expeditions, Chile.


Huemul, Torres del Paine, Chile © Fantastico Sur Expeditions


Huemul, Torres del Paine, Chile © Fantastico Sur Expeditions


Huemul female, Torres del Paine, Chile © Fantastico Sur Expeditions


Huemul calf, Torres del Paine, Chile © Fantastico Sur Expeditions


Huemul calf, Torres del Paine, Chile © Fantastico Sur Expeditions


2009.03.03 22:53:03
I was among the group that saw this family on Feb 24, 2009. Beautiful markings on the face and hind quarters. Just lovely to see.

2009.03.04 13:11:20
Candace, I was so pleased you lead the trail that day. You were very determined to find them. The experience was very rewarding for all of us. Thanks for your comments.

2009.03.05 22:07:24
It was my great pleasure, Claudio. To be able to search for, and hopefully find, such wonderful wildlife, in such a beautiful wilderness, was one of the reasons that Marc and I wanted to go to Patagonia. We so greatly appreciated your company and hospitality. Hasta luego, con suerte!

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