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We are Birders - We are Leica

We are Birders - We are Leica

2009.10.10 00:02:09
October 2009 Pelagic off Valparaiso

Trip led by Enrique Couve | Fantastico Sur Expeditions, Chile

October 3, 2009 | Pelagic trip off Valparaiso 06:00-13:00


Penguins | Spheniscidae

Humboldt Penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) 15 individuals


Grebes | Podicipedidae

Great Grebe (Podiceps major) 8 ind.


Albatrosses | Diomedeidae

Northem Royal Albatross (Diomedea sanfordi) 15 ind.

Southern Royal Albatross (Diomedea epomophora) 2 ind.

Black-browed Albatross (Thalassarche melanophris) 8 ind.; immature birds only

Salvin's Albatross (Thalassarche salvini) 6 ind.

Chatham Albatross (Thalassarche eremita) 1 possible individual


Shearwaters & Petrels | Procellariidae

Antarctic Giant Petrel (Macronectes giganteus) 4 ind.

Southern Fulmar (Fulmarus glacialoides) 50 ind.

Cape Petrel (Daption capense) 100 ind.             

Stejneger's Petrel (Pterodroma longirostris) 1 single bird

White-chinned Petrel (Procellaria aequinoctialis) 25 ind.

Westland Petrel (Procellaria westlandica) 10 ind.             

Pink-footed Shearwater (Puffinus creatopus) 50 ind.

Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) 1,000 ind.


Storm-Petrels | Hydrobatidae

Wilson's Storm-Petrel (Oceanites oceanicus) 10 ind.


Diving-Petrels | Pelecanoididae

Peruvian Diving-Petrel (Pelecanoides garnotii) 20 ind.


Pelicans | Pelecanidae

Peruvian Pelican (Pelecanus thagus) 50 ind.


Gannets & Boobies | Sulidae

Peruvian Booby (Sula variegata) 30 ind.


Cormorants | Phalacrocoracidae             

Neotropic Cormorant (Phalacrocorax brasilianus) 30 ind.             

Guanay Cormorant (Phalacrocorax bougainvillii) 10 ind.


Sandpipers & Allies | Scolopacidae             

Red (Grey) Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius) 500 ind.


Skuas & Jaegers | Stercoraridae             

Chilean Skua (Stercorarius chilensis) 3 ind.             

South Polar Skua (Stercorarius antarctica) 1 ind. 


Gulls | Laridae             

Gray Gull (Larus modestus) 500 ind.

Kelp Gull (Larus dominicanus) 50 ind.

Elegant Tern (Sterna elegans) 1 ind.             

South American Tern (Sterna hirundinacea) 100 ind.             

Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) 10 ind.             

Inca Tern (Larosterna inca) 1,000 ind.


Have a look on Enrique's pictures taken on this trip

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2012.10.29 06:13:49

2012.10.29 06:57:06