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We are Birders - We are Leica

2009.10.10 00:06:35
Journey to the Falkland Islands

Rodrigo Bustamante, Manager of Fantastico Sur Expeditions, had the great priviledge of visiting the Falkland Islands, as part of a kind invitation of the Falkland Island Tourist Board, between September 26 and October 5, 2009. THE FITB organized a sound familiarization trip, in which Rodrigo scouted several outlying islands of the archipelago, and evaluated the accommodations and logitics. He was thrilled by the splendid wildlife photo opportunities he had on his visit.

"I had the great privilege of visiting the Falklands Islands during the last week of September 2009, thanks to the FITB.  I read once ¨Discover Falklands Islands, a well-kept secret of the Southern Ocean" and I completely agree with this quote. The Falklands are great place for photographers - you will be amazed when you realize that is not necessary a big lens to photograph the wildlife; they literally come to you and make you feel like one of them. The accommodations, their little planes, the food and the people are simply fantastic. If you are in to photography, wildlife, birdwatching this place should be on your list. On the other hand I found the Islands an amazing place for families who want to live a real lifetime family experience, beautiful landscapes, delightful scenic flights, fun drives along the beach and throusands of penguins and other wildlife to discover". Rodrigo Bustamante, GM


Have a look on Rodrigo's pictures taken on this trip

Click image to open!


2009.10.09 21:51:42
Wow! Great pictures Rodrigo. Each one was great, but I especially liked #10... the penguins. Really, a fantastic shot.
After seeing these pictures, I have yet another place I "need" to go.

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