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We are Birders - We are Leica

We are Birders - We are Leica

2009.01.08 02:16:28
Peale’s Dolphin - Straits of Magellan, Chile

Peale's Dolphin, Straits of Magellan, Chile © Fantástico Sur Expeditions

Peale’s Dolphin is one of the most abundant cetacean species of the archipielagic zone of western Patagonia, being fairly common from Chiloé Island south to the Beagle Channel, Magallanes region in Chile. As most of the dolphin species, this is a highly social species, easily seen in family groups of up to 30 individuals, always patrolling the huge kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) “forests” or belts, present along the rocky coast. Very inquisitive in the presence of humans, this individual readily approached the vessel after hearing the powerful engines.

© Claudio F. Vidal, Fantástico Sur Expeditions | Photograph taken at San Isidro Bay (Strait of Magellan, Chile), on July 29 2008, using a Canon 40D digital body, 100-400 mm Canon zoom lens | Focal distance 180mm • ISO320 • f/6.3 • 1/640 sec.

El Delfín Austral es una de las especies de cetáceos más frecuentes de la zona archipelágica de la Patagonia occidental, siendo bastante común desde Chiloé hasta el Canal Beagle, en Magallanes. Como en casi todas las especies de delfines, ésta es una especie muy social, que se observa en grupos familiares de hasta 30 individuos, siempre en cercana asociación a “bosques” o cinturones de huiro (Macrocystis pyrifera), en zonas aledañas a la costa rocosa. Muy curioso ante la presencia de humanos, éste individuo se acercó raudamente al escuchar los motores de la embarcación.

© Claudio F. Vidal, Fantástico Sur Expeditions | Fotografía tomada en Bahía San Isidro (Estrecho de Magallanes, Chile), el 19 de Julio de 2008, utilizando una cámara Canon 40D, Lente Canon 100-400 mm | Distancia focal 180mm • ISO320 • f/6.3 • 1/640 sec.


2009.01.07 20:58:22

2013.03.14 09:17:23
Truthfully speaking, it's my first time to see such kind of dolphins. It looks like a penguin to me but I know that it's a dolphin especially when it jumped out of the water. And it looks like it's having fun. It must be really cool swimming with these dolphins, right? But I'm never been to Chile yet I would love to someday by clicking here.